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We can provide you with high quality temporary fencing for all your needs including Construction sites, Crowd control, Paving, Landscape protection, Outdoor retail areas, Outdoor events, Concerts, and Carnivals. Our experienced fence installers can assist you with design and layout if needed.  
GNFC Specializes in Temporary Chain Link Fencing & Temp Fence Panels
Temporary Chain Link Fencing is a more secure option than temporary fence panels. If additional security or protection is needed, we also offer Barbed Wire or Privacy Screen. This style of fencing is available in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights, can be pounded 2’ into the ground and can also be installed in asphalt, or in concrete. Wheels can be added if more mobility is desired. All fencing complies with the ASTM A392-06 standard for Zinc-coated chain link.
Temporary Fence Panels, which are available in 12’ sections and in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights. They have horizontal and vertical cross bars for added support. Optional sand bags can also be added for extra support. If dust or wind is a concern, we offer Windscreen rentals also. Colors available for windscreen are green, black, and tan.
Slide Gates
Have wheels mounted and can be pulled open parallel with the fence line. Standard gate height is 8’ and standard gate openings are 12’, 15’, and 24’.
Swing Gates 
Available in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights and can be either a single or double swing. Gate openings are available in 4’, 12’, 15’ widths with the single swing gate and 24’ and 30’ width for the double swing gate.